January 24, 2024

New menu added to our museum café “Bread, Espresso and the Fukuda Art Museum”

Thanks so much for visiting the Fukuda Art Museum, Saga-Arashiyama, Kyoto.  Let us introduce the new menu of our museum café “Bread, Espresso and the Fukuda Art Museum”.

The very popular seasonal Fuku (or happy) parfait (1,400 yen, served from 13:00) is a strawberry daifuku-style, which includes fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce, as well as many Japanese ingredients such as gyuhi (softer mochi or rice cake), white sweet bean paste, roasted tea jelly and “Castella” sponge cake.  The cream cheese ice cream adds a slightly Western flavor together with sweet and sour strawberries.

Mini parfait set is served on rainy days only. 

We also have new panino sandwitch!

【Melted Cheese Sandwitch with mushrooms and pork pastrami】
This is a sandwich with mushrooms as the main ingredient, pork pastrami, garlic sautéed ingredients and cheddar cheese with four-cheese sauce. Accented with slightly bitter arugula (rocket). The melted cheese makes this sandowitch irresistible! 
Perfectly matches with alcohol drinks.


In addition, we have various seasonal drinks. You can refer to the whole menu from here.
Please forgive us if any of these are sold out.