November 23, 2023

Please follow the instructions of the staff while you are in the museum

Thank you very much for your interests in the Fukuda Art Museum in Saga Arashiyama, Kyoto.

In principle, the museum permits photography (without flash) inside the museum, except when the copyright of a work has not expired.
However, please refrain from taking photographs in a manner that may disturb other visitors.
In addition, it is strictly forbidden to enter the areas that are not open to public to open or close the fire doors.

If you are seen behaving in any of the above-mentioned ways, a member of staff may caution you. If you do not comply with the caution, you will be asked to leave the museum.

In addition, if you wish to film a video inside the museum, you must submit a proposal in advance via e-mail

We would greatly appreciate your cooperation. Thank you very much.