October 18, 2023

New Menu Added to the Museum Cafe “Bread, Espresso and the Fukuda Art Museum”

Thank you very much for visiting the Fukuda Art Museum in Saga-Arashiyama, Kyoto, where new menu items have been added to the museum café “Bread, Espresso and the Fukuda Art Museum” to coincide with the “Edo Paintings A to Z” exhibition opening on 18 October (Wed).

The popular Fuku (means happiness in Japanese) Parfait (1,400 yen, served from 13:00) has been renewed with sweet potatos and caramel flavour. This season’s limited edition autumnal parfait is filled with rich sweet potato cream, caramelised sweet potatos, sweet and sour orange pulp, caramel nuts and meringue cookies. A mini parfait set (¥1,300) with a drink is also available on rainy days.


Also on offer is a refreshing autumnal grape cream soda (800 yen), made with two types of grape syrup, carbonated and garnished with fresh grapes. You can click here to check all the seasonal items. The number of seasonal items available is limited. Please forgive us if they are sold out.