June 23, 2023

Next exhibition “Takehisa Yumeji” tickets now on sale

Fukuda Art Museum of Saga Arashiyama, Kyoto is now offering special online tickets for the next exhibition “Takehisa Yumeji: The painter is also a poet and a designer”.
From the next exhibition, you will only need to make a reservation for the day of admission, whereas previously you had to specify the time of admission. Online ticket holders are also entitled to a discount at the nearby Saga Arashiyama Museum of Arts & Culture.

Adults and university students (over 19 years old): 1,500 yen → 1,400 yen
High school students (16 to 18 years old): 900 yen → 800 yen
Elementary and junior high school students (7 to 15 years old): 500 yen → 400 yen
Persons with disabilities and up to one carer: 900 yen each → 800 yen each

Please take advantage of the convenient and economical online ticket, which allows you to enter the museum at a time of your choice.

For the same price, we also sell ‘morning tickets’ that allow you to enter the museum from 9:30am. The days of use are limited and tickets must be purchased at least one week in advance of the day of entry, but we hope you will make good use of your morning time. Please note that the museum may not have been cleaned before you enter.

We look forward to our visit soon.

Click to purchase official online ticket