July 6, 2022

Original Wagashi Sweet Ticket on Sale

Three types of Kyoto Wagashi sweets offered for a limited time to celebrate the museum’s 3rd anniversary

To celebrate the museum’s 3rd anniversary, the Fukuda Art Museum has collaborated with Yusokugashi Gochōshinjo Oimatsu, one of the most traditional confectionery shop of Kyoto, to create original wagashi sweets inspired by the works on display at the “Masterpieces from Fukuda Art Museum” Exhibition. 20 visitors per day can enjoy three types of Kyoto wagashi sweets on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday during the exhibition term. In every bite, you can not help admiring the beauty of the imitations of masterpieces and the good taste of high-quality Kyoto confectionery. The sweets are only on sale for a limited time, so why not enjoy a luxurious moment after viewing the exhibition?

1.  “White Bird”  by Kayama Matazō   Only weekends & holidays from July 16 (Sat.) 2022 to August 11 (Thu.) 2022
2. “Watermelon”  by Yasushi Sugiyama Only weekends & holidays from August 13 (Sat.) 2022 to September 11 (Sun.) 2022
3.  “Water Bird” by Irie Hakō Only weekends & holidays from September 17 (Sat.) 2022 to October 10 (Mon.) 2022
You can have this sweets and cold Sencha tea at the museum cafe. With this ticket, you can also obtain a souvenir from the museum. 20 persons per day, weekends and public holidays only.
Special tickets are available online below. Prior reservation is required.
You need to purchase a ticket by 13:00 Wednesday if you wish to try this beautiful Wagashi on weekends.

・General / University Student (above age 19)  2,500 yen
・High school students (from age 16 to 18) 1,900 yen
・Elementary / Junior high school students (from age 7 to 15)  1,600 yen
・Disabled person and up to one helper 1,900 each
(* Please refer to the ingredients of Wagashi sweet at the ticket sales website)
Yusokugashi Gochōshinjo Oimatsu Website (Japanese only)