December 27, 2021

Enjoy the Museum from Home! Virtual Reality Experience Released

For those who live a bit too far to visit the Fukuda Art Museum, we decided to give you an opportunity to immense yourself in a virtual reality experience of “Kyoto’s Bold Masters” exhibition, which were taken place from July 17th to October 10th, 2021. 

How to Play

      • The virtual reality experience is divided into two; Gallery 1 on the first floor and Gallery 2 on the second floor.  If you click the play button, you will see a short introduction movie to approach the entrance of the gallery.
      • When the screen stops, you can swipe the screen and change your viewpoint.  By clicking a white circle on the floor, you can make a move.
      • By clicking a blue double circle, you can see a commentary of each painting.  One more click will enlarge the commentary. 
      • By clicking a small play button in left below, you can see a movie of introducing the whole building.
        *Some exhibits may reflect you from getting close.
        *You can’t explore a cafe and the Panorama Gallery.

        【1F /Gallery 1】  


        【2F/Gallery 2】


        Cooperation in production, Bridgeart Corporation