October 24, 2021

Action Required to prevent Covid-19 infection

We take the required actions to avoid infection of Covid-19 based upon the guideline provided by the Japanese Association of Museums.
We greatly appreciate your cooperation with the following requests from us.

●Please wear a mask or cover your mouth with a relevant item when you visit the museum.
●Please note that we take your temperature at the entrance. We will ask you to leave if your temperature is above 37.5℃.
●We ask you to provide your contact information, which will be kept for 2 weeks. We will abandon it unless a Covid-19 patient cluster is identified. 
●We might provide your contact information to the government if it is necessary to avoid infection caused by the cluster identified in the museum.
●Please keep a distance of at least 1-meter between each visitor.

In addition, we strongly recommend you to purchase tickets in advance at our online ticket sales site.
The Fukuda Art Museum Official Online Tickets